Smarties Certificate

We are giving you some Smarties to eat,

But the empty tube you must keep!!

20 pence pieces you must find,

Ask friends and family they won’t mind!!

Fill your tube right to the top,

The return to the Butterfly Hospice for our fundraising pot!!

How to take part

  1. Visit one of our shops or hospice to enjoy the Smarties with our compliments. Don’t throw away your empty tube, refill it!!
  2. Start by asking friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbours to help you fill with 20 pieces.
  3. Once your tube is full, seal the top with tape.
  4. Write your name, address and postcode (and age is under 16) on a sticker or piece of paper and attach to the tube.
  5. Drop into one of our shops or post to the address on the tube.
  6. Everyone who advises us of their name etc. will receive a Certificate of Thanks to prove that they have taken part in the challenge.
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