• Bike Ride. Entry £6 for adults. £4 for under 16’s.
    September 24, 2017 Boston

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    Details – On the day…

    On arrival at the Boston Town Football Club please proceed to the cycle parking area. There will be a marshal here to park your cycle. No cycles are to be taken with you to book in at the Registration Desk.

    Please sign in at the Registration Desk no later than 15 minutes prior to your start time:

    • Boston/Lincoln/Boston 106km 8:30am
    • Lincoln/Boston 53KM 9.30am
    • Boston/Langrick/Boston 15km 10:30am

    To sign in you will need to bring along your sponsorship form, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer on registration.

    You will be given the emergency contact number at this time.

    Safety Check List for Cyclists

    1. Make sure your cycle is safe – a service at a professional bike shop is recommended.  In particular, check the following items:-  brakes, tyres, chain, gears, pedals and handlebars and remember to pump up your tyres to the required pressure for your journey.  It is advisable to take a puncture repair kit with you.
    2. Wear a safety helmet. We recommend that children wear a helmet at all times and strongly advise that adults do likewise.
    3. Wear appropriate clothing as in previous years we have had mixed weather along the route.
    4. Take a bottle of water and a snack or a little money for the refreshments along the route.
    5. Carry a mobile phone in case of emergency
    6. Ensure that the ride is suitable for your age and physical fitness.  Do some training and start gradually if you have not cycled before or for a long time.
    7. If children are involved make sure that they only ask for sponsorship from family and friends.
    8. When riding on the road please follow the Highway Code at all times.
    9. Ride two abreast as a maximum, be aware of pedestrians and make way for riders coming up from behind you.
    10. Close ALL gates behind you [do not leave them propped open.]


    En route

      • There will be marshals at Bardney, Kirkstead Bridge, Tattershall Bridge and Langrick Bridge. The route is otherwise well signposted.


      • Refreshments and toilets will be available at Royal Oak Tattershall Bridge, Langrick Cafe and at the main events field at Boston Town Football Club.


      • Limited First Aid items [plasters etc] and puncture repair kits will be available at all of the six manned points.

    Finish Line

    On completing your bike ride you MUST book out at the Registration Desk.

    Refreshments will be available on site.


    Anyone who decides not to continue with the bike ride, must either ring the Registration Desk to confirm or make a marshal aware; this is to ensure that everyone is accounted for. The facilities will close at 4.00pm at Boston Town Football Club, so please contact us if you stop your bike ride and will not be returning to sign out by this time.

    Finally have a great day out!



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